Looking for the simplest and fastest way to implement an HMI in your system?

The SF2 HMI-010 KIT is a high performance display module based on Microsemi’s SmartFusion2 SoC which enables easy design and deployment of touch screen GUIs.

With open FPGA based platform, the SF2 HMI-010 Kit is cost saving and enables quick feature customization. It also offers plentiful machine interfaces such as SPI, I2C, RS-232 and CAN, providing high-quality graphic execution in a well designed package.

Due to it's scalability and long-term availability, SF2 HMI-010 can easily be added to existing machines and guarantees the future proofing of any HMI design, regardless of display availability.

It is designed for use with Mikroprojekt’s IQ Editor and already integrated Mikroprojekt’s HMI solutions, guaranteeing a pre-validated and high reliability HMI module.


It is easy to proof and deploy in 4 easy steps

  1. Design and simulate your GUI with IQ-Editor
  2. What you simulate with IQ-Editor is what you get on the SF2 HMI-010 KIT
  3. Integrate the module and test live in the machine
  4. Roll out directly to volume production


Key feature set

  • Easy GUI design and deployment
  • Quick feature customization
  • Pre-validated
  • Scalable
  • Long-term available
  • No OS required
  • No need for writing code or software development


Commercial application

  • Business machines
  • Industrial equipment
  • Building automation (HVAC)
  • Automotive

SF2-HMI-010 – make yourself independent from display size and availability.


Our goal was to create a clever solution that would enable an unprecedented ease of use and scalability in industrial HMI applications.

How did we do it?

We combined our own HMI know-how with Microsemi’s SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA and designed SF2-HMI-010 – a scalable and most secure SoC on the market for the next 20 years. The SF2-HMI-010 is thus hardened against DPA side channel attacks and supports many crypto features such as TRNG, PUF, etc.

SmartFusion2 blends a 166 MHz Cortex-M3 MCU with a 65 nm Flash-FPGA, which makes it a powerful platform for Mikroprojekt’s HMI engine.


With Mikroprojekt’s WYSIWYG IQ-Editor you can easily design and simulate your HMI before mapping it to real hardware. There is no need to handle the GUI tasks, the client can immediately focus on critical design features. The IQ-Editor can be evaluated free of charge and SF2 HMI-010 Kit enables the solution to be simply integrated to any existing machine at a very attractive price point.

Our SF2-HMI-010 can be used either as an Add-On solution to an existing main processor or a standalone, communicating easily with the embedded HMI through available interfaces.

When it comes to safety critical system, the HMI and safety critical application are separated and running on two different processors. Alternatively the Cortex-M3 MCU can be used to run the application as well as the HMI, if the 166 MHz MCU offers sufficient resources to run both.


Board Features | SF2 HMI-010

Category Feature
(65 nm Flash-FPGA)

 Microsemi SmartFusion2 M2S010-FG(G)484

  • 12084 LUTs
  • 233 I/O Pins
  • 22 18x18 Multipliers
  • 21 LSRAM 18K Blocks
  • 22 uSRAM1K Blocks
  • 2x PLLs, 2x CCCs

 Microcontroller Subsystem

  • ARM ® CortexTM-M3 166 MHz
    with on-chip eSRAM and eNVM
Video Memory
  • 256 MB DDR3, 16-bits @ 333MHz
  • 4.3” RGB TFT 480x272 resistive touch-screen
Communication  Interfaces
  • Micro USB2.0
  • RS232 (with hardware flow control)
  • CAN
  • SPI
  • I2C Bus
  • 1x AES256, SHA256, RNG (each)
Nonvolatile storage
  • 1x Micro Secure Digital Card slot
  • 1x SPI Flash
Expansion ports
  • 1x External LED & Key
  • 1x GPIO (20 pin)
  • 1x GPIO (Optional)
Other Peripherals
  • 1x DIP Switch
  • 4x Push-buttons
  • 4x LEDs
Power Supply
  • 5V DC Input
  • 2x Onboard 32 kHz Oscillator
  • 1x Onboard 50.000 MHz Oscillator



SmartFusion2 HMI-010 Kit HOT
  • Created: 2015-09-11
  •   Size: 1.64 MB
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